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Originally Posted by Rob Williams View Post
Please remember to offer up some advice to NZXT to give them ideas on what to do to please you.
It would please me if I won the faceplate. I only wish this were a little earlier. I just built my mom a new PC from spare parts (p4/1.7, 512 [email protected], gforce3 AGP on a Intel D850GB board) and a new case. She really liked it and it all lit up red and was dragons everywhere, which she really loves. Adding that NZXT plate would have been just thing thing to send it over the top and make it that much cooler.

Oh well. Next time! Maybe I can put it in my new Ubuntu RAID server when I win. The temp readings would be helpful for all the hard drives I've added.

Is the door on the case transparent or slightly opaque? What about using Privacy Glass for the window (controllable with a remote and/or software)?

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