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Weee, I didn't even know this site, but my ears perked up at the mention of NZXT.

I own one NZXT case and it is nice! It's a Nemesis, awesome orange color.

There's a couple of things I would improve; the front door design prevents the use of any sort of fan controller or things with larger buttons on it - they might have fixed that on the Apollo, I have not read the reviews yet.

Also, I would make sure the fan filters are easy to clean; it's no so bad on the Nemesis, the side fan has a big plastic N over it and you can sortof squeeze a rag under it to pick up the dust, but it's a bit sharp so it's not a fun task. And the front filter, forget it. There's probably a giant fur ball stuck in the Nemesis' "mouth" that I can't even see.

Other than that... Well, the Nemesis is a nice pre-mod, aesthetically the only complaint I have is that the inside floor of the case is the standard gray sheet metal color. It's impossible to match the outside color (orange!) and with the window, it's something you see all the time. Not very pretty. Maybe a simple plastic cache or painting the inside would make it perfect.

Just my 2 cents
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