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Question a question

First of all. Overall, a nice review. In my opinion, technicalities don't matter so much because we're not dealing with a costly separate speaker + amp setup here, but a very, very cost-effective sound solution, that can put out surprisingly good sound. ^^ ...And looks pretty good and is very practical. Did I mention I think they offer lots of bang for buck?

So... I have a question. Being a paranoid thing I am, I'd like to know do you other Z-4 owners get a slight "thud"(very short ~50 Hz sound) from subwoofer when powering off the speakers? This "thud"'s loudness is volume-independant. The cone makes a little movement at the same time.

Technically I have pretty good idea what's causing it, but I'd like to know is this normal behavior for The Logitech Z-4?
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