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First of all, I love the placement of those SATA ports. I think that's an excellent spot. The single ide plug makes sense with this being an enthusiast board. SATA is where the speed is, but it still leaves a plugin for CD/DVD drives.

The bios issue is certainly strange, and not something you'd expect. Something like that should have been weeded out with their extensive testing.

As far as the voltages go, you're absolutely right Rob. Voltage adjustments being that minute, we can expect record overclocks. Stability at higher overclocks will be easier to acheive.

The benchmarks are very close and for someone who wants all the bells and whistles, it looks like the Asus board is an easy choice. For those who aren't happy with "normal" overclocking power, the DFi is one helluva board. What it lacks in creature features it sure makes up in power and adjustments.
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