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Download the most recient driver from ATI and have it at the ready, saved locally on that hard drive.

Go into device manager and remove any video adaptors that are listed, and take note of any device listed that is not the intended card.

Shut down.

remove all periphreal cards and disable all of the onboard accessories from the BIOS except for the IDE stuff. Turn off the serial/parallel ports, turn off any onboard audio, turn off any on board video, turn off any NIC's.

Have that graphics card installed by itself, boot up the machine. If you *still* have the error, I'd say it is a bum card. Take it back to the place it was purchased, and if possible, have it put into another computer and see if it works or generates the same problem.

If it works in your machine after disabling everything, add in the sound card, being sure to put it in a non-conflicting PCI slot per the above note.

If that comes up, then try to note the IRQ assignments of the now working devices, and enable your onboard accessories in the BIOS... being sure that they are not set to any conflicting value as the existing sound and video card.

Also, if you have onboard sound or onboard video, and are using seperate cards now... make sure that these devices are disabled in the BIOS as you dont need 2 devices trying for hte same thing if only one will be used...

Good luck!
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