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Originally Posted by Brett Thomas View Post
No other reason than "other than Microsoft made it so"? Marfig, I'm surprised at you.

DX10 was MS's opportunity to completely break the old DX models, which had been in existence since before the very concept of shader cores and about 90% of the other things that a graphics card has on it today. Windows Vista radically redefined the HAL, and was a good time to implement such a drastic change. Re-coding it to go back to the way XP interacted would hardly be a trivial undertaking and wasting that effort supporting a nearly 10 year old OS at that point simply because people didn't want to move would be a waste of resources.

You act like the move to Vista was a simple step from XP (Win7-Win8 is much, much more streamlined, and Vista-Win7 was as well - the HAL has not substantially changed) when in reality part of why it was such a bear was that it was truly a new design for MS from the ground up...they got a lot wrong, but the heart was in the right place, and Win7 was proof of that.

Forcing users to upgrade to win8 from win7 would require a product obsolescence that would put MS in the doghouse for a ridiculous timespan. It's true that many people will probably give this version a pass, but I'm tired of hearing people say "Look what they did with DX10 to try and sell Vista!" You're a programmer, you know better!!!!

FWIW, there are DX10 ports for XP out there in the wild but since M$ won't acknowledge that it actually does work on XP there are no drivers for DX10 in XP so it's pointless to bother with it.

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Originally Posted by Brett Thomas View Post
You're a programmer, you know better!!!!
That's why you should listen to me more.

Brett, the simple matter of fact is that DX10 (and 11... and 12 and 23) won't ever justify a exclusive operating system version until one of two things happen:
  • The Graphics hardware radically changes
  • The Operating System software layer radically changes
The latter would for instance justify that DirectX can't support Windows 98. The former would justify that DirectX can't support Voodoo cards.

DirectX defines an HAL, contrary to what you seem to think. That's an API that stands between the graphics hardware and your operating system software. DirectX includes an HAL layer. Just like madmat demonstrated above DirectX10 had no code, nothing at all, that couldn't make it compatible to XP. Once and for all lets put an end to that myth propagated by Microsoft marketing syndicate.

Windows Vista introduced a new drivers model and moved sound rendering to software. These are the only two technical differences that had any effect on DirectX support. Because DirectX 10 needed to be backwards compatible, DirectX includes in fact support for DirectX 9. Because of this, there is absolutely no reason at all for DirectX 10 to not have supported its new effects under Windows XP.

Microsoft could have supported XP. It chose not to exactly to force a rapid adoption of the new operating system model introduced with Vista. Ironically... to just dump it a few years later when they introduced Windows 8.
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