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Rob Williams
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Default Contest #1 - "Guess That Game" - Sponsored by OCZ

It's Techgage's Birthday, so it's only fitting to give away some free stuff! Throughout the month we will be unveiling new contests, so stay tuned to our official contest page.

Our first contest has a simple premise, but gives you a difficult goal. Below are 20 screenshots from select games and it's your job to guess the names of as many of them as you can. There's a bit of everything here... MMORPGs, FPS, Racing, Sim, et cetera. Being an old school gamer will help you here, as some date older than 20 years!

This thread will be locked for the duration of the contest, but discussions can take place thread here. Forum membership is required to enter. Don't worry about spam as a result from signing up... we don't ever send out e-mails and would never think of selling addresses.

Rules can be found at the bottom.


OCZ has long been known as a gamers company, which is evidenced by their incredibly fast and stable memory kits. Up for grabs is one of their latest releases, the Flex XLC 2GB PC2-6400 CL3 kit. Rated for DDR2-800 speeds with 3-4-4-15 timings, these modules help make your gaming experience smoother than ever!

Contest open to USA, Canada and Europe only.

Contest runs from March 1 (12:00am EST) to March 14 (11:59 EST). We will be announcing a new contest next Monday, so at a few points throughout the month will have some overlapping.

Guess as many games as you can and send me a private message with "Guess the Game" as the subject. Please form the message like so:

Games Guessed - 15
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
and so on

Games don't have to go in order as they are seen, but it would make it easier to sort through. Note that some games here go by two names depending on where it was released. We are aware of this and if you guess one correct, we will know.

Winners will be determined at the end of the contest. If multiple people guess all 20 correctly, it will a matter of a random number generator (pulling a number out of a hat) to decide the winner. If nobody gets all 20 correct, we will take anyone who guess 15 and beyond and throw them into a hat :-)

Good luck to all who enter!

Edit: Edited the ram kit being offered. Is actually the CL 3 version, not the CL 4.
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