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Rob Williams
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Default Our Advertisers

Here is a complete list of all our current advertisers, who hold ads on the actual site, or here in the forums.

AC Ryan:
AC Ryan is a great manufacturor of high quality PC Modding supplies.

Product Advertised:
AC Ryan's Ryanpower2 series gets fast and furious! Already the second power supply release within a month!! AC Ryan launches the Ryanpower2 CableFREE? + FanFREE?. The Ryanpower2 CableFREE? + FanFREE? is built on the already successful Ryanpower2 CableFREE? concept. This new power supply adds on the new technology of FanFREE? perfectly suited for the HomeTheater PCs, LivingRoom PCs and esp. new Media Centers!. FanFREE? makes this power supply unique from the other Ryanpower2! Free of fans, free of noise!

Alienware is a leading producer of high performance PC's and laptops. When you want performance and style, you want Alienware.

Product Info:
When you demand high performance, superior build quality, innovative style, and award-winning support, turn to Alienware to deliver the definitive solution. Alienware delivers the peace of mind that can only come from an unparalleled tradition of excellence and an impeccable reputation for creating systems powered by the most advanced, non-proprietary technology.

Crucial Memory:
Crucial is known for having great performance memory, as well as superb prices.

Product Info:
Of all the upgrade suppliers to choose from why should you buy Crucial memory? The answer is simple ? quality, savings, and support ? straight from the source. You won't find a more trusted, better-performing memory upgrade at a lower price.

AdSense takes info from the current page, and will find ads to suit that page. So if you are reading a review on a certain product, it will usually list links of where you can buy that product.

Logisys Computer:
Logisys is one of the top manufactuers of PC Modding supplies and accessories. They have got numerous great reviews of their products, and their selection is outstanding.

Company Info:
Life moves in amazing ways. So does computer. We pride ourselves on anticipating the changes by providing the latest design and highest quality products for people who want to have their computer more than just an electronic box in beige, that they could dress it up like changing dresses daily, at the lowest price from the factory, with the friendly services that show smiley faces all the time.

NC Soft:
NC Soft produces some of the top MMORPG's in the world, including Lineage 1 and 2, which have a combined 4 Million subscribers world wide.

Neosurge is a Web Hosting service that offers unbeatable prices, and great service. I have personally used them as my host for over a year, and they have never let me down.

General Info:
Our world class data center connected to multiple redundant fiber backbones with high-end reliable monitored web servers keeps your website up and running at break-neck speeds. Neosurge provides the quality and trust you can rely upon.

Think Geek:
You think you are a geek? Then Think Geek! Think Geek is a very well known site for Tech Geeks, and sell clothing and very unique gadgets.

Site Info:
ThinkGeek started as an idea. A simple idea to create and sell stuff that would appeal to the thousands of people out there who were on the front line and in the trenches as the Internet was forged. From programmers, engineers, students, lovers of open source, to the masses that helped create the behind-the-scenes Internet culture. ThinkGeek started as a way to serve a market that was passionate about technology. Three out of the four founding members started an ISP in the Northern Virginia area way way back in 1995. We couldn't afford Solaris, learned about a free UNIX-like OS, and spent almost an entire day downloading it onto over 50 floppies for installation on an old 486 laptop with no cd-rom (thanks Slackware!). After a few years with the ISP gig, the ThinkGeek idea popped into our heads, and, operating out of a spare room at the ISP office we setup shop and launched the site on Friday the 13th, 1999...

Tiger Direct:
Tiger Direct is one of the most popular and well liked PC hardware reseller in the US and Canada.

Company Info: was established to serve the needs of computer users, and today we are one of the industry's top computer and computer-product retailers. Our web site has been ranked among the New York Times' "Top 25 Online Retailers" in 2002. And our catalog has become a textbook for computer users. But our success has been built on a simple principle: take care of every customer like they were a member of our family.

This thread will be kept up to date, and accurate.
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