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Rob Williams
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Default Dell Packs Lots Into Their 3008WFP, Including DisplayPort

From our front-page news:
When it comes to LCD displays, 30-inch models are a serious object of desire. Those who have them, love them. Those who don't, want to kill those who do. Their sheer size is what sells most people, but the massive resolution is the biggest advantage. You can fit a lot of "work" inside 4.1 million pixels. One of the biggest players in the 30-inch realm have been Dell. Although their 3007WFP-HC offers good image quality and color, when I reviewed it last week, I found it to be lacking with regards to connectivity. But who can blame me? It has nothing!

According to the Inq, that's going to change when Dell releases their 3008WFP, another 30-inch LCD that offers similar specs to current models. Where it's different is with the connections. Instead of a single dual-link DVI port, the 3008WFP offers dual DVI-Ds, HDMI, VGA, Component, S-Video and even DisplayPort, a connection that's superior to both HDMI and DVI, but is still only catching on. Actual display specifications are not mentioned, but if the brightness is kept up to par (400 cd/m2), then this might be -the- killer monitor to buy. I still can't help but continue to eye Gateway's offering though.

With 3008WFP, new benchmark will be set. This monitor comes with two dual-link DVI connectors, thus hardware testers will be able to hook up two testbeds via DVI, and one testbed via analogue D-SUB connection. This is only the beginning, since this baby also comes with Component, S-VHS, Composite in, USB upstream connector (for 4-port USB hub and 9-in-2 card reader). This normal (for 2405/2407/2707 monitors) is expanded with both Displayport and HDMI connectors.

Source: The Inquirer
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