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Default Power Supply Question?

I was wondering if anyone has any good resources for a good Power Supply Calculator....

I'm building a new machine and kind of unsure how big I should go on Power.

Here are the State:

Intel e8400 Wolfdale 3.0ghz Processor
EVGA 780i Motherboard
8800GTS 512mb G92 Video Card
2 gb of OCR Reaper 800mhz Memors
1 x 160gb WD 3.0/sec HD
Pioneer DVD Burner
Artic Cooler Freezer 7 CPU Fan
I'm using a Rosewill 550W Power Supply
(also there is a chance I might throw in a 160gb IDE drive I have laying around for storage)

Will my 550W power supply handle this??? Do I need to step up??

Any advice is appreicated


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If it's the SLI ready'll need the 6 pin video card connector.
And the 24 pin and 8 pin connector for the motherboard
550 and 600 w should be okay.....but if you ever want to add another video card, you might be stretching it too much.
I'd leave open options for later and get maybe a little more watts, at least 700
Look at your 12 volt rails wattage max for your system, that video card uses some watts ( 28 w )

I would recomend the 8800Gt, the specs are almost the same and it uses a single slot as opposed to the 8800GTS using the space of two slots ( and cheaper )
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The price difference between the GT and GTS isn't all that much anymore these days and the fact that most people don't hardly ever use but 1 PCI slot in addition to the PCI-e video slot, there's not much reason to worry about weather the card has a single slot or double slot cooler. I like the GTS cooler myself, it cools the card much better allowing for quieter and higher OC's resulting in better overall performance. Before I put water on my GT I was hating the tiny cooler that comes on the GT.

As for a PSU, you need to look at the total amps (12v rails), I like at least 700w these days to give you a bit more head room and safety margin. Besides, most PSU's are more efficient when operated loaded at the mid range their max rating and it puts less stress on all their internal components (low heat and quieter fan operation).

Yuo might want to run your setup through this site to see just how much power you'll really need at a minimum. .............

The site isn't 100% spot-on, but it'll get you real real close to what you'll need.
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