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Rob Williams
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Default Pioneer's Flagship Blu-ray Player Restores Movie's Original Color

From our front-page news:
Who said Blu-ray was a dying format? Sure wasn't me, and according to Pioneer, it must not be. Why? Because somehow they imagine they'll be able to sell a $2,199 Blu-ray player, that's why. But let's not discredit it just yet... it might have a few features that really do make it the ultimate player around.

What makes the Elite BDP-09FD player so special is because it includes a dedicated chip that restores movies to a 16-bit deep color range, which is in a sense, a recovery method. When movies are left in their raw format, (master copies), the colors, tones and hues can differ from post-production movies. This chip is supposed to restore those and deliver a much richer and accurate image.

Whether or not it actually works or not, who knows, but if you happen to have a $2,200 bill lying around and feel ambitious, by all means, go for it. Besides the 'restore' feature, Pioneer also promises this player to become the best DVD upscaler ever. Still think it's too expensive? Well, you are not their target audience, as Senior VP at Pioneer notes, "If you really think about price, price, price, you will miss out on the performance enthusiasts, and that's who we want. They can do a really nice job of pushing the technology."

The Elite Blu-ray Disc player also features Pioneer’s proprietary Adaptive Bit Length Expansion technology, which allows the purest color representation of a movie's original studio master. Through a dedicated chip, the player restores Blu-ray Disc movies, produced in 8-bit color back to the vivid 16-bit deep color gamut resulting in an HD picture filled with hues and tones that replicates the cinematic intentions of the films’ creators

Source: Pioneer Press Release , Via: Wired
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