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Rob Williams
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Default Mirror's Edge PC Version to Support PhysX

From our front-page news:
To say that we've been waiting a while for a game to make good use of the PhysX engine would be a huge understatement. Since we first covered PhysX well over three years ago, we've seen some freeware games come and go, but rarely did we see good use of the technology in a commercial game. One exception would be Unreal Tournament III, where two downloadable levels utilized it to a good degree.

Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief, as NVIDIA has just announced that upcoming PC game Mirror's Edge, will make heavy use of the technology. This game has been on many gamer's radar for some time, as it attempts to stray away from typical gameplay and deliver one that's totally unique. As you can tell from the screenshots below, the game definitely looks unique, too.

In previous PhysX-enhanced titles, we've seen realistic shattering glass, smoke, liquid, cloth and more, and all of that will be present in this game. Pushing things further, the physics enhancements can both affect the player and the overall gameplay. Ground fog, for example, will react to the player walking through it.

The screenshots below can give a quick glimpse of what to expect from the game, and the video below links to our Vimeo account which houses the preview video in its original 720p format. I can honestly say that this is one game I'm really looking forward to, and perhaps PhysX-support makes up for the game being delayed on the PC. The game's received great reviews so far, so I'm hoping we can expect equally-impressive gameplay on the PC in January.

With the NVIDIA PhysX physics engine, the world of Mirror’s Edge comes to life with real affects of wind, weapons impact, and in-game movements. Every-day objects within the game become part of the overall experience. Cloth, flags, and banners can now impact weapons and players; ground fog interacts with the player’s footsteps; explosions fill the air with smoke and debris; and weapon impacts are enhanced with interactive particles.

Source: Mirror's Edge - NVIDIA PhysX Video
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