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Rob Williams
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Default 3D Captchas are here

Alright, so they're not here, as in our website, but hopefully that will change in the future. For those unaware, Captchas are those boxes that show scrambled text that you must replicate in order to access a certain feature of a website, whether it be our forums' search feature or the sign-up process for an e-mail account. Basically, it's easier for a human to identify a slightly scrambled word than a computer, and that's the idea... to make the process hard for a bot, but manageable for a human.

Well for the most part, Captchas are loathed, but despite that, they're needed. Because we utilize Captchas, our forums have far, far less spammers than it would otherwise, which makes life a lot easier on everyone here. But, the truth is, some Captchas are more difficult to discern than others, so what solution could there be to make it easier for any human, but much more difficult for a bot?

Simple... 3D Captchas. Picture this. You see a box with three 3D models. Your job is to click one of the three boxes above it and pick the appropriate item out of a selection that matches up. For example, the image might show a fork, but the fork you can select in the pop-up box is on a slightly different angle. It's easy for you to tell that both are forks, but again, it's very, very difficult for a computer to know that.

This technology is cool, but I have little doubt it too could be cracked. However, I think if a bot could do this, it would take a LOT more computing power than to decipher than typical Captchas, which alone may cut down significantly on spammers that sign up for e-mail addresses or forums.
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