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Default Rules of Conduct. Read Before Posting!

The rules of the FS&T thread are simple

1: All for sale threads will have a price on each item being sold.

2: When an item is sold denote it in the thread.

3: Hot deals are acceptable by established forum members, any that are posted by new members will be locked and deleted. This is not an advertising section.

4: Trolls will be dealt with in the harshest manner possible. Your account will be locked and your I.P. banned, end of story. Don't rip off your fellow traders.

5: Until we see a lot of action in the FS&T keep all bumps to once every 24hrs unless you are adding new items. If you are adding new items denote it in the original post in your thread as -New items added: or we will delete the early bump.

6: Do not post services in the FS&T thread, this is for real items only.

7: No eBay items. If you have an item on eBay it doesn't need to be in here. If you put an item in eBay after advertising it here list it as sold or delete it entirely.

8: No flaming, threadcrapping or threadjacks. If you have a problem with a seller's price on ANYTHING take it to P.M.. Respect their threads just like you'd want yours respected. Violaters will face temporary bans, repeat offenders will face a locked account and I.P. ban.

9: No selling of firearms, explosives, flammables or pornography. No this is not a joke.

10: No Warez, not for resale software or any other software the violates copyright laws.

This forum is here to help our members find deserving homes for orphaned equipment or other items. If it's not mistreated it can be a great place for everyone to use.

Thanks for your time.

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